GWAM’s History

Our church is so aptly named “God’s Will Apostolic Ministries” (GWAM) with the understanding that it was God’s will for the formation of this ministry. GWAM started on February 29, 2004, which was a leap year, and God has blessed us in leaps and bounds since our inception.

In 2004, we held bible study in Pastor Bennett’s home and traveled from hotel to hotel to have worship services. Much like the Israelites, who traveled from place to place carrying the tabernacle with them, God blessed them with a permanent place of worship (temple). Within the span of a year in 2005, God blessed us to purchase a permanent place of worship at 1314 Old Eastern Ave. God brought us from the tabernacle to the temple!

Under the leadership of Pastor and Lady Bennett, GWAM was able to burn its mortgage in five years in 2010! GWAM’s membership continued to increase and there was now a need for a larger edifice to worship and serve the community. God then blessed us to purchase a larger edifice at 155 Orville Road where we currently reside!

In June of 2022, The Total Development Community Center (TDCC) was birthed. TDCC is in agreement and alignment with GWAM’s mission to impact the community! TDCC is housed within GWAM which has more than enough space to run programs and provide services for the community!

We are expecting God to do even greater things as we endeavor to do his will!